Freestyle Friday


It’s finally feeling like your standard fall day here in New York. Chilly and wet. The leaves in Central Park are even starting to show their fall colors ever so slightly. I’m looking forward to a cozy night in with my husband this evening (hopefully with a fire).

On Sunday, Julia Dags and I will be shooting lots of new content for you all. Get excited because there is LOADS of great content coming your way!

Now onto some great reads for this Friday:

  1. One of my favorite things to do in the Fall and Winter is treat myself to a weekly ahbyanga massage. Don’t worry about having to find the time to go for a massage or spending the money, an ahbyanga massage is something you can easily do for yourself at home. All you need is some Sesame Oil and this instructional video.

  2. Monday and Tuesday was a Full Moon in Aries and I’m sure you were all feeling its intensity. Because Aries is a fire sign, it was making me feel extra bold and brave and also a little angry. What else to do but write all that out and set it free? So, I had myself a little burning ceremony. I wrote a letter to 3 people I’ve been angry and frustrated with then burned the letters. I’ve felt freedom from this act every since. Following the burning I also saged myself and the entire house. Buh-bye energy vampires. If you want to have your own burning ceremony (you can do it at any time, but full moons are the most potent) I suggest you follow this guide.

  3. As someone who has not only struggled with depression themselves, but has also suffered the loss of many loved ones by suicide, I appreciate Gisele’s vulnerability in her new book. We never know what someone may be struggling with and depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts to not discriminate. I can’t wait to read her book. There’s no story I love more than of someone who makes their way out of the darkness to embody the light.

  4. How delicious do these Buckwheat Pancakes sound?

  5. Lastly, everyone and anyone is posting their picks for the Shopbop sale. I personally try to not do specific posts for sales. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day, but it’s so oversaturated and I don’t like to feed into the idea that just because it’s on sale, you should buy it. With that said, I DID peruse the sale and was really into these products: