5 Things I Learned in France


Ever since I came back from France I’ve been trying to hold onto the small things that brought me so much joy about the country. There are two places I have longed for in my life: 1. New Hampshire and 2. France. Whenever I see pictures or videos of either location, my heart tugs a little.

Although there are many small things that makes France different from the United States, I was very surprised to hear how similar we were instead. For example, the Parisiennes have a reputation of never smiling (much like New Yorkers). Their highest valued consumer store is a frozen food store, because like us, they are commuting and busy and need to make dinner for their families quickly.

But it is truly those small things that set France apart from the rest of us. It’s that “je ne sais quoi”. Below are 5 things that I observed while in France and have been trying to incorporate into my life as much as possible.

5 Things I Learned in France:

  1. Wherever you go, say hello, please, thank you, and goodbye.

  2. Taste + Smell your food before you cook it. Cook and pair ingredients accordingly.

  3. True beauty can be found in the perfectly imperfect.

  4. Conversations are more intriguing when kept at a low volume, like you are sharing a secret.

  5. Art, history, and culture of subjects to be absorbed, mastered, and valued.